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Dear Colleagues:


We wish to inform with immense pleasure that the 2nd World Congress on Ga-68 (Generators and Novel Radiopharmaceuticals), Molecular Imaging (PET/CT), Targeted Radionuclide Therapy, and Dosimetry (SWC-2013): On the Way to Personalized Medicine is being  organized at PGIMER, Chandigarh (India) from February 28  to  March 2, 2013. This meeting is being hosted by the Department of Nuclear Medicine & PET, Postgraduate Institute of Medical Education & Research (PGIMER), Chandigarh (India) and co-hosted by the University of Iowa (USA).

With the tremendous success of the 1st World Congress in Bad Berka, (Germany) in June 2011, we are expecting about 500 delegates from across the world attending this Congress at Chandigarh (India). This congress shall be a multi-faceted meeting involving radiochemists, radiopharmacists, physicists, dosimeterists, and clinicians dedicated to molecular imaging and targeted radionuclidetherapy.

Over the three-day congress, we will have invited lectures by experts in the chemistry of Ga-68 and its production, Ga-68 (PET/CT) imaging, targeted radionuclide therapy (using beta- and alpha-emitters) and dosimetery for Theranostics - on the way to personalized medicine. We also plan to include scientific sessions on nanomedicine, preclinical molecular imaging as a tool for development of new pharmaceuticals and radiopharmaceuticals for PET oncology/psychiatry/neurology and the emerging role of PET in stem cell therapy. It shall be an enriching experience both for the basic scientists, clinicians, chemists, radiopharmacists and physicists, as well as for students pursuing careers in molecular imaging, targeted radionuclide therapy and drug development. It is anticipated that pharmaindustries and academic institutes shall also be an integral part of the congress. 


We also plan to organize an excellent trade exhibition where industry leaders in radionuclide generators, PET and SPECT radionuclides/ radiopharmaceuticals, manufacturers of medical cyclotrons, PET/CT/MR scanners, SPECT gamma cameras and also manufacturers of preclinical SPECT/PET/CT, optical imaging and fluorescence imaging systems can exhibit their products to the participants of this congress.

As India is a rapidly growing market for Molecular Imaging both at clinical and preclinical levels, it shall be an exceptional platform for companies to introduce their technologies to world leaders attending this congress at Chandigarh (India).

Your active participation and support will not only make this congress successful but it will also ensure that the changes in the global health system and the way personalised medicine is being practiced today gets established in a country of approximately 1.2 billion people!

The Congress Committee cordially invites you to attend the SWC-2013 from February 28 to March 2, 2013 coming up at Chandigarh (India).


 Warm regards


Prof. Dr. Baljinder Singh                      Prof. Dr. Michael Schultz

Prof. Dr. BR Mittal                                 Prof. Dr. Anish Bhattachaya